Mike Sherman - 7th Dan - Owner
- More than 40 years experience instructing
Adam G. SoRelle

Michael Anthony Sherman first began his life as a dedicated martial artist in 1970 when he enrolled at Tracy’s Karate in Toledo, Ohio. After four hard years of vigorous study and training, Mr. Sherman tested successfully and was awarded with his first-degree black belt in 1974. A natural born teacher, Mike had already begun instructing the year before and has been doing so ever since. In 1984 he was awarded with his second degree, he received his third in ’92, his fourth in 2000, and was honored with his fifth Dan black belt in the year 2004.

After ten years teaching under someone else’s roof, Mr. Sherman and fellow martial arts colleague Jeff Gears opened up the American Kenpo Karate dojo in 1983. Mr. Gears left to join a martial arts franchise after a time, but Mr. Sherman has maintained the independant American Kenpo Karate school, which still flourishes to this day. The martial arts school has taught thousands of people over the years and earned the right to be called “Toledo’s Best”. The school waschosen as “Best in Toledo” by the Toledo City Paper and Toledo Parent Magazine for the year 2004 & 2009.

In 1992, the dedicated martial artist began instructing at the West Side Montessori Center of Toledo. He also instructs at the Perrysburg Montessori location, the West Side Montessori Middle School, and New Heights Gymnastics in Wauseon. Mr. Sherman has recieved numerous awards in recognition of his selfless services to the community.

Over the course of his thirty-eight plus years instructing the martial arts, Mr. Sherman has greatly effected the lives of many people. He was inducted into the first ever Professional Karate Commission (PKC) black belt hall of fame as a first class choice in February of 2000. His school, American Kenpo Karate, puts on the Whirlwind tournament, which in 2001 was nominated “Best Small Tournament” (under 400 competitors) by the PKC International. He was chosen as “Best Center Referee” by the PKC in back - to back years 2002 and 2003. He has also received dozens of other awards for his deeds and for his school in the multiple decades it has been open.

American Kenpo Karate
4730 W. Bancroft St. #18
Toledo, OH 43615

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