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Special Internet Introductory Price!
Mention that you were referred by our website and pay only $30 for 2 introductory private lessons, 1 group lesson, 1 demo dvd of our system, plus a quality uniform with belt!
New students only please.


4730 W. Bancroft St. #18
Toledo, OH 43615

* No Contracts!! - you'll never be here if you don't want to be.

* Unlimited Class Attendance! - come as much as you wish, see our schedule

* Large open dojo room & separate lobby area for viewing. (click to view dojo room)

* A wide assortment of versatile training tools. (click to view)

* We accept students ages 4 and up!

* No addition class fees! - No extra payment requirements at any time for your lessons, we will never force you to buy what you don't want or need.

* No outrageous belt test fees! - Many other schools use belt tests as a chance to make an extra buck. We charge only $15.00 to cover belt cost and we order pizza for the kids!

* Great Family Discounts! - The first member of your family will be full price, each person after who wishes to join will be half price only!

* Private Lessons - We do offer private lessons. Cost is only $15.00 per half-hour lesson for members.

* Tuition is $100.00 a month - Or pay for 6 months at a time for $500.00

Call us at 419.344.1870 for any other questions or to set up an appointment. See our contact information page, and location map.

American Kenpo Karate
4730 W. Bancroft St. #18
Toledo, OH 43615

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